Are there any modifications needed with my bike to install any of your parts?

Every part is compatible with OEM. There is no need for any modyfication on your bike. 

Is there any part compatible with Sur Ron Youth model?

Most of the parts are compatible with Sur Ron Youth model as the model share all geometry with standard model. Please refer to COMPATIBILITY tab on product page. 

My disk doesn’t fit on the hub, do I need to use a special disk with rear hub?

We use OEM hub with SurRon bolt patern. Please double check if you use the rear disk for rear wheel because it differs from the front disk.

Can I buy spare parts for my wheels in the future?

Yes, we can sell every single bit we build our products with. Rims, spokes, nipples, bolts, adapters etc.

Can I buy a wheel without the rim lock and inner tube?

Sure! Please contact us before purchase so we can deduct cost of those parts.

Tire bought outside of your store touch the chain. What should I do?

You need to either dish the rim or cut the knobs.


What tire should I get for my set?

Unfortunelty we cannot advise or recommend any tire other than ours. Tire models and brands are difficult tell wheter they're going to fit you bike without installing them first. To be 100% please choose tire fitment on our website. 

Have you got a CAMO tire for 18" i 21" wheel?
Currently we have CAMO tire only for 16" wheel.
Is the rim lock included?

Yes. Every wheel comes with pre-drilled rim and  rim lock instaled. 

Tire touchs the chain. What should I do?

Please make sure the axis of the wheel is straight. In other words, make sure your lockdown axle blocks are both in the some place on both sides.

What fork/front suspnession should I use with 21" wheel?

The best fork for 21" wheels with fat off-road tires is an inverted upside down type. For example stock DNM, FastAce or uprgraded like Manitou Dorado. If you have standard fork and would like to be more sure please contact us with your fork model. 



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