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Milk Racing spare Off-road tires

Since many clients are asking, we would like to allow you to order spare tires along with your wheels set or get some separately if you need them.

The biggest issue with oversized tires for SurRon is that they are hard to find and tell whether they will fit. So we found tires known for excellent price-quality ratio and selected them so that you don’t have to worry whether they will fit your SurRon. 


Super wide

DELI TERRA CROSS 90/100-16 – designed especially for difficult off-road conditions – enduro/motocross .
The tire is manufactured according to the new DELI MaxGripp technology – a special composition of soft natural and synthetic rubber compounds significantly improving the tire’s grip on hard and wet ground. MaxGripp, thanks to the use of flexible canvas, also guarantees better tire adaptation to the irregularities that occur both on the track and off-road.

Those won’t fit without modification. The wheel needs to be dished (moved on spokes to the left), or the tire needs to be trimmed; otherwise, it will interfere with the chain.

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